Substance Abuse Counseling

One of the things that can scare a parent more than anything else is when they suspect that their son or daughter may be using or abusing drugs. Parents usually have such high hopes for their children and desire what is best for them. A problem like teen substance abuse could jeopardize your child’s future, making it that much scarier.

Confronting Someone With an Addiction

If you suspect that someone you know may be using drugs, the first thing to do is simply ask. It is important to have a straightforward conversation with them. Just like with a medical issue, substance abuse cannot be treated until you know exactly what the problem is.

After you confront them, it is likely that you will experience denial and anger. Resolve to remain calm and clearly lay out the evidence that has led you to believe they are using. This will likely be a long and uphill battle. You must be strong enough, you must persevere enough, and you must love them enough to stick through their negative reactions and help them get the help that they need. Act now.

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