Online Therapy

The decision to seek counseling services can be a difficult one to make — sometimes made even harder by the idea of getting to appointments, sitting in waiting rooms, and trying to work therapy discreetly into our busy lives.

That’s why many of the individuals and families Crosswinds serves benefit from a different kind of therapeutic option: online counseling and coaching. Online services simply provide the opportunity to have sessions with a professional therapist from the convenience of your computer.

How Do Online Counseling Sessions Work?

Sessions are conducted live—but remotely—like a video conference call. Crosswinds online sessions are delivered through a secure network platform, and all information is completely confidential, just as it would be for in-person therapy.

If you feel you would benefit from counseling but don't want to drive to an office, contact us today to schedule your first online therapy session.

Crosswinds Counseling is Here To Help You