Client Testimonials

Stories from clients who have been where you are and found healing

My therapist was extremely professional and really listened and gave solid paths for me to take on my life journey. The overall process with Crosswinds was great from the first call.
My husband and I have tried counseling two times before, but something about this place, this counselor clicks with him. God sent them to us. Our counselor has saved our marriage. This was our last shot at trying counseling, and if it didn’t work, we were going to go our own ways. She has helped us find ways to embrace our differences, making that a good thing rather than a bad thing. Her being able to intertwine the spiritual part has been a HUGE benefit. Without that, I don’t think this counseling would have worked.
We have tried other counselors and it has not really worked. The Parent Coaching you have provided has really made a difference in our home. We are finally seeing a difference in ourselves and in our kids.
My therapist's approachability, his ability to reset your view on a certain situation and bring to light the religious aspect are outstanding.
My counselor provided the treatment I needed and I have given her name to several friends.
I would highly suggest that anyone that is in ministry, whether laity or clergy, would look into Crosswinds. This Christian organization helped me heal after a hard church and started my marriage off well.
Our experience with Crosswinds has been a fantastic one. The difference I've seen in my teenage daughter since pairing up with her counselor has been amazing. I couldn't be more thankful for your program and staff. I feel like I have gotten my daughter back.
Our provider was a great counselor and very compassionate. She didn’t push or force anything too soon. She helped our family with the circumstances we needed to work through. We have found a wonderful place to come back to if we need it. Thank you!
My counselor genuinely cares about me and my mental and emotional health. But more than that, she cares about my relationship with the Lord. She does an excellent job at melding together the science and practices behind mental health and Scripture.
My provider was warm, trustworthy, non-judgmental, and approachable.
When I reached out to Crosswinds my family was in crisis. My daughter was cutting herself. My son was distant and depressed. My marriage was strained. I felt shame as a mother and didn't want anyone to know how desperate we were. I was able to do much of the intake discreetly through email. Shana came to our home. She didn't judge us. She helped piece us back together. Less than 1 year later we were back on track! We are once again the loving family that I am proud of!
I never thought I’d be going to counseling in my late-60’s. I started seeing a therapist almost a year ago because I felt like after 40 years of marriage, I couldn’t take another day with my husband. After meeting with my therapist a few times, he suggested that my husband and I BOTH attend a few sessions together. I didn’t think my husband would agree to go, but he did. We both agreed that we had communication issues and we both avoided talking about conflict. After the first session, my husband recognized that it might be cheaper to continue counseling than get a divorce. This is something I can laugh at now.

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