Couples Therapy

One of the greatest adventures of your life: marriage. Whether you have been married for one year, 10 years, 25 years or just now deciding you are ready to get married – Marriage couples counseling is good for you! You need to expect bumps in the road – that’s part of married life.

Counseling for All Couples

Engaged couple holding hands


SYMBIS, "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts", is a packaged four to six counseling session assessment and feedback service for couples preparing for marriage and/or for couples who are already married and wanting to enhance their relationship.

Marriage Conflict


Marriage counseling can be done in-home, for your complete privacy, in-office or online. Working with you at home also allows our counselors to observe your interactions and facilitate positive change in the place where you feel most comfortable.

Divorce Conflict


Crosswinds Divorce Counseling Services are here to help in your transition, working with individuals and families to help them cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and chart a new course to find a purpose for their lives moving forward.

Crosswinds Counseling is Here To Help You