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Counseling designed to restore and re-ignite hope

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Crosswinds Counseling provides outpatient mental health counseling for children, teens, adults, couples, families, and businesses (through our Corporate Counseling program).

We understand that life can be messy, and hardships in life can leave us feeling anxious, frustrated, and broken. ­We also understand that it can often feel impossible to overcome these hardships alone. We have a diverse group of Licensed and Master’s Level counselors who come from different backgrounds and have different therapeutic approaches. Yet, all share the same goal: to bring hope to individuals, families, and communities.

Benefits of Crosswinds Counseling Services

Flexible Approaches

Our team of therapists has a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Our therapists are well versed in various evidence-based therapy practices to help you meet your goals. We work with people of all faiths, and will not push anything that the client is not comfortable with. Because we are a faith-based organization, our therapists are comfortable bringing spirituality, prayer, and biblical teachings into counseling sessions and treatment when it is appropriate and when the client asks for this approach.

Flexible Provider Options

We have a diverse team of therapists available across Indiana and Ohio. Counseling services can take place in a traditional counseling office or online.

Flexible Payment Options

We continue to eliminate barriers for those who need help. We accept various employer-sponsored insurance, debit, credit, and HSA/FSA.

Flexible Scheduling

Morning, afternoon, or evening appointments are available to accommodate your busy schedule. Our counseling sessions can be adjusted to meet your needs and can be designed for children, teens, individuals (adults), couples, or the whole family.

Why Crosswinds Counseling?

An incredibly unique quality about Crosswinds Counseling is that we are faith-based and evidence-based. That means our team of 30+ counselors each have a relationship with Christ and are willing to integrate faith into their therapy at the client’s request. This also means that each of our counselors are either Licensed or Master’s Level and are trained in evidence-based practices with proven results. This is the perfect blend of loving our clients wherever they are at in life and providing the tools needed to overcome hardships.

There's Hope available for everyone

Our programs are designed to serve every individual and family where needed through online and in-person counseling. We’ve helped thousands of people restore their lives and reignite hope.


  1. A strong wind that blows in a direction not parallel to an object’s or person’s course,
    making it difficult for them to keep moving steadily forward.

Our History

We can’t stop obstacles, or crosswinds, from appearing in life, but we can choose how we face them. They may block our vision temporarily, or upset our cadence, but if we persevere by moving through them, we will learn and grow on our journey to the other side.

Crosswinds Counseling was created to provide families with the resources and options they need to overcome struggles. Our mission is to change hearts and bring hope to individuals, families, and communities.

Our counselors have helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

We can help you too.

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