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Flexible, Easy-to-access mental health benefits for your employees

You might not be getting the best from your employees.

1 %

of employees say stress and anxiety impacts their workplace performance more than anything else

1 %

of absences at work are due to mental health

The right choice for your employees, the smart choice for you

Businesses, schools, and churches of all sizes trust Crosswinds to care for their employees’ mental health and increase retention at every level of their organizations.

Only Pay for what you use

We have created an affordable solution to provide mental health benefits for your employees. Contact us to learn more.

Easy access to providers

Your employees connect with a friendly Crosswinds representative to schedule an appointment. No long referral list or confusing instructions.

A trusted Partner

We treat each Corporate Counseling partner and their employees as a valued partner, building relationships to better meet their needs.

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From day one, your employees will have access to a team of caring counselors to help them be the best they can be and you can get back to doing what you do best.

Wellness isn't just physical

Crosswinds has a unique Corporate Counseling program that is meeting the needs of employers to help better support their struggling employees. This program offers so much more than a typical EAP. When your employees call into Crosswinds, they reach our caring staff to help them set a time to meet with one of our counselors, not a list of other companies for them to call to try to find help. The Crosswinds Corporate Counseling program is unique in that you only pay for services used by your employees, not a monthly fee regardless of whether the service is used or not. We also support your company with webinars, seminars, and monthly newsletters. At Crosswinds, we understand that counseling is personal and we want to have a relationship with your company so your employees are comfortable reaching out.

The Crosswinds Difference

Many businesses, schools, and churches have already benefited from Crosswinds Corporate Counseling. Yours could be next.

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Our counselors have helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

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