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Our team is here to serve you, no matter what your needs are. Crosswinds counselors take an individual approach to getting to know you, understanding your needs, and working to create a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Watch the video below, where one of Crosswinds’ counselors, Tim Gilleand, LMHC, talks about what to expect during a counseling session.

Enrolling in counseling services can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We have answered some common counseling questions below.
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Some people believe that they will spend months in counseling working through their problems. The truth is that clients most typically work through their biggest issues in 6-8 sessions and then meet with their counselor a few times a year to work through issues as they arise.

The best time to seek counseling is before things are in rough shape! When you preemptively seek counseling, you can stop yourself from ever hitting rock bottom.
If you are struggling or hurting and need support right now, speaking with a counselor offers a professional, third-party perspective in a judgement-free environment.

Yes! Crosswinds Counseling offers real-time, secure, HIPAA-Compliant video sessions so you still get that face-to-face experience. This video call offers the same benefits as a typical counseling session, but with the added ability to join from any location with no commute and waiting room. 

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Each counselor comes with his or her own background, specialties, experience and personality. When you first reach out about scheduling an appointment, a Crosswinds Representatives will connect with you to match you with a counselor who best meets your needs and preferences. 

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Counselors will allow you to vent and process your feelings on issues, but they will help you set goals and work constructively to overcome your struggles using evidence-based treatments. Counseling provides a third party perspective about your situations in a judgement-free zone.  

Only you can work through the issues you are facing, but a counselor will walk beside you as you sort through your struggles and will offer you advice on solutions and techniques to cope with what you are dealing with.

Crosswinds counselors will seek to build a relationship with you so that you can trust them and be vulnerable with them at your own pace.

Laying down on couches not required!

Many people don’t seek counseling because they believe their problems aren’t affecting anyone else. However, investing in your mental health is shown to improve your relationships with others and even your ability to parent! Improving your mental health is the best gift you can give to those around you.

Counseling is one of the best investments you can make for your future and your relationships. We often see people who have needlessly struggled for years without reaching out start doing better after just a few sessions. Whether this is you, or you are struggling with new issues, the best thing you can do is proactively seek help when you need it.

Mental illness looks and feels different for everyone. Anxiety and depression don’t always look the same. A counselor will be able to help identify issues you might be facing and offer real solutions to move forward.

Insurance plans and providers vary. The best way to tell if your counseling is covered by insurance is to contact your insurance company directly with the phone number on the back of your insurance card. They can help you identify what benefits you have and where exactly you can use them.

Yes! We often have individuals reach out on behalf of a friend or family member. We have a simple “third-party payer program,” which will allow you to seamlessly pay for services on behalf of someone else. Contact us for more information.

Crosswinds offers Corporate Counseling — a great alternative to EAP’s showing even greater outcomes. Learn more about the services we can provide to your business by reading about our Corporate Counseling Program.

Crosswinds counseling sessions cost $100 to $130 per hour, however, the cost could be decreased with insurance or Corporate Counseling benefits (if your employer is a partner with Crosswinds). Call our office at (877) 594 – 9204 or text (260) 238 – 8939 for more information.

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