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Depression is Different for everyone

If you’re wondering “am I depressed” or “what does depression feel like?” Don’t ignore those feelings. Exploring what lies behind those questions — feeling hopeless, uninterested in things that used to excited you, restless, or even physical symptoms — like pain or fatigue — counseling can help. Just as depression feels different for everyone, the path to healing is different for everyone. You’ll work individually with your counselor to set goals, identify a plan, and make steps to feeling like yourself again.

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Maybe these feelings of depression are new for you — or maybe you’ve felt this way so long you don’t remember what it’s like to have a “normal” day. Either way, taking proactive steps to speak to a depression counselor can begin a journey to healing and recovery. It begins with the single step of requesting an appointment.

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Insurance, Health Savings Accounts, Out of Pocket, and Corporate Counseling are all acceptable ways to pay for counseling.

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Two convenient locations in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis for in-office counseling, as well as online capabilities across Indiana and Illinois. 

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