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You are enough

Eating disorders have a tremendous impact on someone’s physical and mental health, but there is hope and recovery is possible. There are many factors that can lead to eating disorders, such as biological, psychological, interpersonal, sociological, or cultural factors.

Seeking therapy can help an individual who is struggling with an eating disorder discover the root causes of their struggle and create a map that leads to healing. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, know that you’re not alone, you don’t have to fight this alone, and you are enough.

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Our counselors have worked with many people to work through different forms of eating disorders.

By sitting down with someone who can hold your difficult emotions with compassion and understanding, you will get to the root of the patterns that hinder you from living a happy life.

With the guidance and support of a counselor, you will develop the skills and strategies to break free of the cycle and reclaim your life.

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Insurance, Health Savings Accounts, Out of Pocket, and Corporate Counseling are all acceptable ways to pay for counseling.

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We are located in several cities in Indiana as well as having online capabilities across Indiana and Illinois. 

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We have a team of counselors ready to help you reach your goals by using an individualized approach with proven therapeutic practices.

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Our counselors have helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

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