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When was the last time you felt truly at ease?

It’s normal — even healthy — to feel stressed some of the time, but if “some of the time” has creeped into “most of the time” or even “all of the time,” it is time to seek outside help. If you feel “on edge” regularly, can’t sleep at night because of stress, or experience panic attacks, counseling may provide you relief from your struggle.

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Insurance, Health Savings Accounts, Out of Pocket, and Corporate Counseling are all acceptable ways to pay for counseling.

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Six convenient locations in Indiana and Ohio for in-office counseling, as well as online capabilities across the midwest. 

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We have a team of counselors ready to help you reach your goals by using an individualized approach with proven therapeutic practices.

Find Support and Someone to confide in.

We can help you relax, exhale, and enjoy life more fully again.

Our counselors have worked with thousands of people to work through anxiety issues that have come in all forms — from debilitating fear to hyperactive perfectionism.

By sitting down with someone who can hold your difficult emotions without judgment, you will get to the root of the patterns that keep bringing you back to this misery.

With the guidance and support of a counselor, you will develop the skills and strategies to break free of the stress and reclaim your life.

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