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Counseling When and Where You Need It

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Online counseling and text-based counseling is designed to work with families and individuals through the convenience of online sessions.

Traditional in-office therapy offers personalized care for people struggling with issues ranging from grief, marital issues, a rebellious teen, and much more.

In-home counseling for individuals, couples, and families, eliminates the hassle of driving to a counseling office with the added comfort of home.

Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families

You don’t need to be at the end of your rope before seeking help. Whether you're looking to improve your daily life or you're dealing with addiction problems, our individual counseling services can help.

Whether you're in a new relationship, newly married, or in a long-term marriage, we help provide hope and communication tools through our dedicated couples and marriage counseling programs.

Crosswinds believes that it is not just the child or individual family member in crisis who needs support and care, it is the entire family working together as a support system.

Meet Our Featured Counselor:



Rachel is a seasoned therapist whose experience working in a variety of settings has equipped her to feel comfortable treating diverse populations, diagnoses, and issues. These include both adolescents and adults struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Grief/Loss, Trauma, Anger, Addictions, Substance Abuse, Relationship issues, Personality Disorders, Bipolar, Self-harm, Suicidal Ideations, Stress, or simply needing some support through current situations.