You are worthy
of healing

Out-Patient Mental Health Counseling designed to restore and reignite hope

There are better days ahead

Worry, conflict, and fatigue don’t have to rule your life.

Often stressors in life blow us off course and we don’t even realize it. Maybe life doesn’t feel how you hoped it would. Our counselors are here to empower and equip you to reach your goals, thrive in relationships, and feel like yourself again. 

Accessible, comfortable, and convenient counseling services for all ages.

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Get Matched with a Therapist

We’ll match you based on needs, appointment time, and any other requests you have.

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Start Feeling Better

Process with a counselor while learning to navigate life’s difficulties.

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Multiple Payment Options

Insurance, Health Savings Accounts, Out of Pocket, and Corporate Counseling are all acceptable ways to pay for counseling.

Available In-Person and Online

We have a diverse team of therapists available across Indiana and Ohio. Counseling services can take place in a traditional counseling office or online.

A Counselor You Connect With

We have a team of counselors ready to help you reach your goals by using an individualized approach with proven therapeutic practices.

Make the Investment

Whether you’re dealing with a crisis or proactively seeking personal growth, this is a pivotal moment. Call us today. Years from now, you’ll look back and remember today as the day hope was re-ignited for you. 

Reasons why people have called Crosswinds for help

We are committed to upholding the privacy and dignity of each client’s journey.
These stories are based on countless client experiences, with details changed to protect privacy. 

Woman Calling For Counseling Services

“My teenage son doesn’t really seem like himself anymore. He is more angry, disrespectful, and seems to be experiencing more anxiety than usual.”

“I don’t feel like my husband and I are on the same page anymore, and we’re trying to deal with the challenges that come with raising children.”

“I had a traumatic experience and I feel like my whole day is ruined whenever I encounter one of my triggers. I feel out of control over my emotions.”

“I need to talk to someone about my addiction, but honestly, I’m scared and embarrassed.”

Our counselors have helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

We can help you too.