A Great Alternative to EAP's
Showing even Greater Outcomes

Expand Your Providers List with Crosswinds Corporate Counseling

We offer A better, more effective alternative to EAP's

Only Pay for what is Used

We have created an affordable solution to provide mental health benefits for your client’s company. Plus, we provide five counseling sessions free to employees and their immediate family members, instead of three like many EAP’s.

Quick access to Crosswinds Counselors

When someone calls Crosswinds Counseling, they are scheduled with a Crosswinds counselor – no long list of providers to try and schedule with.

Access to A Trusted Account Manager

We provide an account manager who is available to speak to your clients and their employees and who supports them with whatever they need.

Improve Retention

In a time when it’s hard to find employees, Crosswinds Counseling can help with retention. Counseling support to handle daily struggles results in better performance and helps create a great sense of pride and loyalty to one’s work.

A More Productive and Positive Workplace

It’s easy to bring homelife worries to work. Counseling can help employees relieve that worry and stress in a positive way, allowing them to focus and perform better at work. Happier and healthier employees make for a happier and healthier workplace.

Ongoing Tools for success

We distribute an exclusive monthly newsletter with advice directly from a professional counselor that your clients can share with their employees. We also offer additional support through seminars, webinars, and group counseling.

"We believe Crosswinds Corporate Counseling has helped our retention increase by 10% this past year! We are grateful to have a partner in the overall mental and emotional health of our employees.”
Lassus Bros Oil, Inc
Fort Wayne, IN

The Process

Ready to get started? Here’s the flow.


Step 1


• Sign contract
• Invoice sent for recommended investment level
• List of employee names sent to Crosswinds Counseling
• Company branding sent to Crosswinds Counseling for marketing materials


Our Process

Step 2


• Soft Launch: Employer emails counseling benefit with content provided by Crosswinds Counseling.
• Establish date for Official Launch
• Official Launch presentation and material distributed of how to access benefit.



Step 3

Get Started

• Contact Crosswinds Counseling and give your name and the name of your organization
• Complete the online intake form
• Schedule an appointment with a Crosswinds Counselor
• Five sessions are available at no charge to employee (when needed, additional appointments may be approved by employer)
• Everything is confidential — no names are used!

Get Started

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Enjoy the Journey to Healing

• Monthly statement is emailed to your organization showing usage and available funds
• Monthly Counseling newsletter sent to you to share with your employees
• Schedule a seminar to provide positive tools to employees
• Quarterly updated employee list sent to Crosswinds Counseling
• Schedule a yearly refresher visit to review benefits
• Yearly usage report at end of contracted year

Enjoy the Journey to Healing

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We offer online and in-person counseling for employees in a growing number of industries.

  • Accounting firms
  • Animal Shelters
  • Assisted Living
  • Attorneys
  • Auctioneers
  • Churches
  • Cities
  • Colleges
  • Construction companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Financial Corporations
  • Fire Departments
  • Gas & Oil
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Corporations
  • Investment Corporations
  • Libraries
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Non-profits
  • Police Departments
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Social Services
  • Zoos

The Crosswinds Difference

Businesses, churches, and schools of all sizes trust Crosswinds Counseling to care for their employees’ mental health and increase retention at every level of their organizations. Help your clients be on the forefront of employee benefit offerings.

Include Crosswinds Corporate Counseling in your service portfolio.

Our counselors have helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

We can help you too.