Help your Staff and Congregation Rediscover hope

Faith-based, easy-to-access mental health counseling for your church


Love Your Neighbor by providing Mental Health Care

Professional Counseling

At Your Pace

From a Christian Perspective

Only Pay for what you use

We have created an affordable solution to provide mental health benefits for your employees. Plus, we provide five counseling sessions free to your employees, instead of three like other EAP’s.

Easy access to professional providers

Your staff will connect with a Crosswinds Scheduling Representative to schedule an appointment. No long referral list or confusing instructions. 

Also, you can be confident that your community’s struggles are being cared for by a professional, Christian counselor.

A trusted Partner

We value each of our Corporate Counseling partners and work to build relationships to better meet your needs. No church is too big or too small for us. 

Improve Retention

It can be hard to find long-term employees. Counseling helps pave the way to more positive methods of handling daily stressors and triggers, which results in better performance and a greater sense of self-confidence. Having more self-confidence and positive tools on one’s belt will inevitably lead to better performance at work, resulting in a greater sense of pride and loyalty to one’s work.

A More Powerful and Positive Leadership Team

Burnout is real. Counseling can help your leadership team relieve stress in a positive way, allowing them to focus and perform better at work, and be better equipped to uplift your congregation. Better leadership makes everyone else better.

Ongoing Tools for success

We offer more than just five counseling sessions. We also provide continual support through seminars, webinars, group counseling, and distribute an exclusive monthly newsletter with advice directly from a professional counselor that you can share with your church community!

Support your staff and Congregation

Step 1

Schedule An Appointment

We will meet with you to find to best solution for your church’s needs.

Step 2


Our program is simple, easy, and rewarding to use, and our team will help every step of the way.

See your Church community thrive

Your staff and congregation deserve to live fully. Mental Health Care can help them achieve that.

Therapists Committed to their Christian Faith

Our faith in Christ is what drives us to believe hope is possible. While each of our counselors has a personal relationship with Christ, they are also licensed counselors ready to use the best practices to serve you. 

Our counselors will work to understand how your faith is intertwined with your life and will continue to point you back to sound Biblical teaching.

The Crosswinds Difference

Many churches have already benefited from Crosswinds Corporate Counseling.

Yours could be next.

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Our Corporate Counseling Team

Mark Bowell

Business Developer

Shawn Shepherd

Shawn Shepherd

Business Developer

Colleen Terrell

Colleen Terrell

Business Developer

Kate Miller

Account Executive

Our counselors have helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

We can help you too.