What To Do If The Holidays Give You Stress with Grant Anderson, M.A. LMHC

By Grant Anderson, M.A. LMHC

In the video above, Grant Anderson, Clinical Supervisor & Licensed Therapist at Crosswinds Counseling, talks about what to do if the holidays give you stress. Grant gives us 6 tools to use as we approach Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season. Using these tools can give you the best possible outcomes.

  1. Go in with a plan. It may seem kinds of obvious, but it is important to know what you are getting into. You need to know what to expect. You need to know what the stressors are, and how you can go around or avoid those stressors if possible.
  2. Focus on your feelings. Know how you’re feeling going into it. Make sure you’re feelings are in check.
  3. Be understanding of others. One of the biggest things about Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is that it can be divisive. We can have a lot of divisive conversations. If you’re aware of how you are feeling and you’re understanding of where others are coming from, it can help. That doesn’t mean you’re agreeing with them. You’re open to just hearing. Being understanding of others can be helpful to your mental health as well.
  4. Stick to a routine. If you’re used to waking up, brushing your teeth, going for a run, going to get Starbucks – continue that routine. We find that with mental health, having that routine (especially with stress in your life) is going to make you less and less likely to get more stressed, because you are doing something that your body is used to.
  5. Practice gratitude. Practice what the Thanksgiving season is all about. What can you be thankful for in this season?
  6. Focus on what you can control. Not everything is in your control. If someone is going to burn the turkey, there isn’t much you can do about it. You can focus on how you react. You can focus on who you sit by. You can focus on how you interact with a conversation or when you’re going to leave the room. Keep those things in your control.

Hopefully, these things help you as you approach the holiday season.

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