Mindfulness & Deep Breathing

Watch the video above as Kyla Neely, a Master’s Level Therapist with Crosswinds Counseling talks about mindfulness practice and what it looks like. She even wraps up the video with an example.

Mindfulness meditation practices are techniques that encourage purposeful, nonjudgemental attention to the present moment. Mindfulness practice can help decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also promote emotion regulation and help with pain management.

The basis of mindfulness is rooted in deep breathing. Which means taking deep breaths in and out with intention. Being aware of those deep breaths, as we breathe in and as we breathe out.

One concept of mindfulness is called the mindfulness body scan. What that allows us to do is bring awareness to any sensations in our body without judgment. In the video above, Kyla provides an example of a body scan. She starts with just deep breathing. Breathing in and out. She then focuses on her head and works her toward her feet as she goes through each segment of her body and mindfully makes herself aware of what she is feeling without judgment. You can scan from your head down or feet up. A mindfulness body scan allows you to acknowledge what is going on in your body in the present moment without judgment.

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness from a counselor, don’t hesitate to reach out to Crosswinds Counseling. 

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