How can I support my kids as I go through divorce?

How Do I Support My Kids As I Go Through A Divorce?
Children are very resilient. However, it is important to communicate to the child that they are not responsible for the separation or divorce. Parenting through divorce is difficult, but always refer to your former spouse in a positive way and affirm to the child that both parents love them and want to spend time with them. Be aware that a child’s behavior is often their form of communication. Just as you may be grieving the loss of relationship, your child is also experiencing loss of their family members, routine, school, friends, etc. You may notice that your child is disruptive, sad, angry, isolating, or disrespectful.

Children Grieve During Divorce or Separation

If your child gets stuck in the grief process, they may benefit from a support group or professional family or teen counseling. Do not discuss anything about the other parent’s behavior or details of the separation. This can often put the child in an adult role, where they feel the need to repair the family.

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