Grief Counseling

Grief is our natural, human response to loss. When we lose someone or something we care about, grief is a normal process that helps us heal. When we have loved someone deeply, our grief will be deep as well, and we must allow ourselves the time and space for the healing that grief and mourning provides.

Grief is our internal feelings about loss, while mourning is the actions we take to express our grief. Mourning might include talking about the loss, praying, participating in a ceremony or joining a support group. The actions of mourning help heal grief. Everyone experiences grief in their own way, but it is often characterized by common responses and stages. The stages of grief describe kinds of feelings, not steps to overcoming grief. Experiencing all of these kinds of feelings—whenever and however we do it—is all part of the healing process.

Getting Help for Grief and Loss

Therapy during the grieving process can be immensely helpful. We may worry that what we’re feeling isn’t normal or that we aren’t “getting over” our grief quickly enough. Crosswinds counselors are trained to help clients through the entire grieving process, working with individuals and families to cope with loss and find comfort and spiritual healing. We work with clients to help them understand that they can survive their loss and learn to live with it, by taking their time through every part of their own grieving process.

If you or someone you care about needs help coping with grieving, please contact Crosswinds.

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