Counseling Corner | Sarah Visley, Master’s Level Therapist On Containing Anxious Thoughts

This video segment is from Restoring Hope, a TV series hosted on WHMB40 and serving the Indianapolis area. Crosswinds Counseling offers counseling services throughout Indiana.

Sarah Visley, M.A. Master’s Level Therapist

Hi, my name is Sarah Visley. I am a therapist at Crosswinds Counseling and today I want to talk to you a little bit about anxiety. Anxiety nowadays is very very very much present in our world. What I like to do with my clients when they come in to talk to me about it, I like to break down those anxious thoughts. Where we dabble a little bit into the past, and we dabble a little bit into the future, but we’re not focusing on either one because when we focus on the past we become very depressed because you can’t change it. And when you focus too much on the future, that becomes very anxious because you don’t know what’s coming. And so just staying here and now can take those thoughts captive, past or future, and really tear them apart to see what is kind of affecting them or what is making them anxious, and just having space in counseling so they can talk about those thoughts.

Some studies have talked about how the human mind has over 30,000 thoughts in a 16 hour day, and that to me is just insane to even think about that. It’s very very real. Really stop and try to think about it.

So when taking those thoughts captive, it’s so important because we can have a thought that becomes very rooted. Then what happens is you kind of spiral out of control with that thought if you don’t take it captive. And you then start to look at your life in that lens so its very important to make sure that we’re taking in really good information. Taking in positive information that is giving us life instead of tearing us down or making us compare ourselves to others around us. So with my clients, I just like to build them up, build up their self-esteem, have them find some confidence in themselves and taking those thoughts captive, and feeling confident about how to do self-care and how to do different techniques with anxiety to feel confident to go out after we are done in counseling and be able to attack whatever comes in their way.

And so I just want to encourage you if you are feeling anxious, do not be embarrassed of coming to counseling. It is a very scary thing. Even as a therapist it took me a lot to say that I needed therapy in my own training, but I was happy that I did because it completely changed my life and I can’t take my clients further than what I will go myself. So when you’re thinking about yourself and you want to be the better self, you gotta kind of do the hard work which is being vulnerable in counseling but also having that space where you can just be real and messy and not care what the person is thinking and just getting the help and that space to be you, and to be raw is so so so life-changing. So I just encourage you to if you’re feeling anxious to reach out to a therapist and get on your journey to healing.

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