Counseling Corner with Crosswinds Counselor | Kati Quigley Talks About Trauma Counseling

This video segment is from Restoring Hope, a TV series hosted on WHMB40 and serving the Indianapolis area. Crosswinds Counseling offers counseling services throughout Indiana.

Kati Quigley, M.A. LMHCA

Hello, my name is Kati Quigley. I am one of the counselors here at Crosswinds. I really have a heart and a passion for working with people who have experienced trauma in their past. My approach to therapy, especially when working with individuals with trauma is this idea of having one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and our eyes towards the future. And this concept is based off the ability of us to kind of sit in our past and our trauma for a minute, and where we may not cognitively understand what’s happening, we know our body holds onto it. There’s this saying that says, ‘Our body keeps the score.’ 


So as we have one foot and the ability to step back in the past, we also stay firmly grounded in the present as well. And then our eyes focus toward the future because of this idea that there is always hope for our future. There is always the ability for redemption. The ability for restoration and for healing.


One therapeutic approach that I tend to use when working with trauma is something called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing). EMDR works by knowing the concept that we have this emotional side of our brain and this logical side of our brain. And when we go through something traumatic, the emotional part of our brain tends to go to the forefront while our logical side tends to shut down, and what we end up doing is we end up making all of our decisions based on that emotional side of our brain. So EMDR does two things. It helps desensitize that emotion, make it less distressing. And then it also connects to our kind of logical side of our brain so that we are able to look back on that event and think of it in a different way.


If you feel like you are struggling with something traumatic that has happened to you in the past, I think counseling is a wonderful option for you. I’ve had the pleasure to sit with many many people and help them walk through this journey. And there’s so much hope and there’s such an ability for healing and restoration.


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