Michael Pfau, MEd, PCC, BCC

Professional Certified Coach

A Quick Overview

Degree/s and Accreditation/s

• Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

• Board Certified Coach (BCC)

• Certified Professional Christian Coach

• Certified Professional Leadership Coach

• Strength’s Champion Certified Coach

• Master’s Degree in Education


I help adults and couples work through marriage and relationships, parenting, lifestyle management, work-life balance, life purpose, wellness, career development, business, life transitions and changes, decision making, and achieving goals.


• Online (All States)

• By Phone (All States)


Insurance does not cover coaching; however, please check with your insurance provider to see if there would be any out-of-network reimbursement available to you for any of our coaching sessions. HSA/FSA cards may be used for payment in some circumstances. Please check your HSA/FSA benefits to see if coaching sessions will be a qualified expense for you. The rate per coaching session is $90/hour.

More About Me

Are you struggling with the idea of moving forward in life? Unsure about what the next phase is for you? I have been where you are and have journeyed personally and professionally to align my life around the things that matter most. The focus of my coaching is about supporting others to do the same. I have been helping adults and couples work through life’s challenges for over twenty years. I can help you with relationships, wellness, business, career discovery, career performance, life balance, and retirement.

As we work together, we’ll walk through concepts of coaching and neuroscience to help you get unstuck, focusing on different mindsets and beliefs. If you’re feeling stuck in life and want to build a better vision for the future, request an appointment today. I want to help you work through the challenges in life, build your skills and strengths, and grow into the best vision of you that you can be.

I have taught and mentored hundreds of coaches since 2006, serve as the founder and owner of Crossways Life Coaching, and am a faculty member and former Dean of Life Coaching at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. I have a master’s degree in Education and have been married to my wife, Deanna, for 38 years. We have two adult daughters, one who is married, and one grandson whom we find every excuse to spend time with. When I am not coaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading history around WWII, and traveling in the mid-Atlantic region with Deanna. 

Our team of counselors and coaches has helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

I can help you too.