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Adopting a child into your home can be both rewarding and exhausting. Parents have many expectations going into this new journey, as they look to give a child a fresh start, a clean slate or just hope for a bright future. The reality is there are often struggles in meeting many of these expectations and obstacles in the adopted child’s life that don’t directly involve the adoptive parents.

No parent is given an instruction manual for their children (biological or adopted), but Scripture paints us a picture of how God designed parenting through His relationship with us, His children. Crosswinds works with families to overcome challenges and create healthy relationships when adoption is part of the family portrait.

Mother And Daughter

Help For Families With Adopted Children

Crosswinds works with families to address some of the most common issues in adoption, including how the adopted child connects with the family and integrates into the current family dynamics, particularly if there are also biological children in the family.

Therapy also helps family members communicate about the sacrifices and adjustments they are each experiencing with the addition of the adopted child. Adopted children have sometimes experienced trauma (such as abuse or neglect) and a Crosswinds therapist can help the child and family work through those issues.

If your family has adopted a child and is experiencing challenges, you are not alone. Contact Crosswinds today to see how our in-home family counseling can help today.

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