Child Therapy

Crosswinds offers both in-home and in-office Child Therapy services by well-trained mental health professionals who are eager to help your child rediscover their strengths, cope with the impacts of life and heal from the pain of their experiences. Our therapeutic services also support parents and caregivers in their efforts to establish a safe, loving environment and positive relationship with their child.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a form of therapy that is primarily geared toward children. During play therapy, a therapist encourages the child to explore life events that may have an effect on the child’s current circumstances, in a manner and pace that the child chooses and is comfortable with. This is done primarily through play, but also through language. This type of therapy can help individuals communicate, explore repressed thoughts and emotions, address unresolved trauma, and experience personal growth. Play therapy is viewed as an important, effective, and developmentally-appropriate mental health treatment.

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