How can I find a good work / life balance?

How Can I Have A Good Work/Life Balance
The question of life balance is a struggle that we have had to deal with for many generations. Whether you search out pop culture solutions that tend to draw you towards tips such as not being perfectionistic, exercising, meditation and unplugging yourself; or you tend to look at the mainstream psychology for help. This will often draw you to a life balance wheel that encourages an equal weight of emotional, physical, cognitive, spiritual, and mental areas, and then there are countless different examples and ways in which to view this life balance wheel depending on areas researched. My goal is to not emphasize the importance of finding rest in your life, as if you are reading this blog then you already know that work-life balance is something we need (“Happy employees,” 2008).

Not only does it relate to having an impact on our overall health but also our development and well being. The importance of finding rest in our lives is one of vital importance in this day and age (Trenberth, 2005). In an attempt to keep this blog readable I will work to give the reader a take home strategy for work-life balance.

The following concept was adapted from work done by The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, 2013. It begins with finding some time daily for rest. This simply put is finding 15-20 minutes to do something with a focus of rejuvenation. Whether it is taking a long shower or going for a walk the goal is to set your mind on de-stressing and relaxation. The emphasis is being consciously aware of what you are doing.

The second step in this process is to find an activity each week that offers rest. You are doing something special for your or for you and your family. This might be making dinner one night, or going out to eat. Once again the goal is to put emphasis in your conscious mind that you are de-stressing this may mean turning phones off or not having technology on, I realize the sacrifice I’m asking you to make.

Next, you find something once a month that is special for either you or you and your family. This perhaps is something that you have to sit down and put on the calendar whether it’s’ a trip to the zoo or the movies, the importance is prioritizing. When work life gets stressed we find the balance by reworking our schedule. Just as the old Native American saying goes if you have two dogs that are in conflict with each other, the one that wins is the one you feed. In the same way, to find balance, you must be able to consciously feeding your rest and relaxation part of your life.

Finally, find something once a season that is special and work that into your life, this can be a camping trip or a trip to a theme park, anything that gives you pause from work. Again the emphasis needs to be on conscious awareness of the rest and reinvigoration of the body, whether that is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually is up to you.

So that’s the solution to an ever growing struggle. The key and the difficulty is in continuing to be aware of your needs and keeping on task to finding and scheduling the relaxation into your life. To recap once more finding that rest in your life, once a day, once a week, once a month, and once a season can help keep you balanced in this every growing society of workaholics.

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