A Healthier, Happier Workplace Is Possible

A Healthier, Happier Workplace is Possible

By Colleen Terrell

You may not be getting the best from your employees. Many issues in an employee’s life, both at home and at work, can impact performance. While it may seem these “personal” problems are not an employer’s concern, seasoned leaders know that just as people “take work home with them,” they also “take home to work with them.”

In fact, 56% of employees say stress and anxiety impact their workplace performance more than anything else. This often causes lower levels of retention — forcing employers to spend even more time and money on hiring and training costs. In addition, studies have shown that 45% of absences at work are due to mental health.

Many employees want support in these areas, but don’t know where to go or how to pay for it. Stress at home — grief, trauma, marital concerns or parenting— affects performance and can even lead to increased conflict between employees. Employers often struggle to address these issues because it doesn’t feel natural, or if they do address it, they find themselves in over their head.

The New EAP Alternative

Many workplaces have adopted an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to serve their employees’ needs in this way, but the problem still persists because employees don’t use the services. It’s easy to blame it on employees for not using the benefits provided to them, but if you have ever tried to access services through a typical EAP, you have been greeted with a confusing phone call, a list of providers who might be able to help, and hours of research just to understand if the benefit might be right for you. For someone already struggling personally, it’s a loss of time and energy they can’t afford.

When employees thrive, companies thrive. Crosswinds Counseling is proud to serve employers of all sizes by offering a unique mental health benefit for employees — called Crosswinds Corporate Counseling  — that is easy to use and actually works. We’ve taken out the hassle for employees by streamlining the intake process — it’s just one phone call or email. We have also reduced wasted costs for employers with a model that allows companies to only pay for what their employees use.

A happier, healthier world begins with supporting each other through difficulty — even in the workplace. When individuals succeed, families thrive, and communities prosper.

We believe Crosswinds corporate wellness has helped our retention increase by 10% this past year! We are grateful to have a partner in the overall mental and emotional health of our employees.

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