Set your Student up for Success

Give them two online sessions of Counseling

Your Student needs you

College students face unique struggles, yet they strive for independence. If your student is struggling, they may not ask for your help. 

Don't let stress and anxiety be a barrier to your student achieving their goals. Proactively give them the tools they need to thrive in college. 

  • Don't wait until you find out your student is struggling to get help. Let them know that help is available whenever they need it.
  • Pre-pay for two online counseling sessions for the school year. 
  • Your student can meet confidentially with a counselor online wherever they are.
  • Give critical mental health support to your student for only $200.

Tools to Thrive

To pre-pay for your student's online counseling sessions, please click the button below, which will direct you to a form.

Barriers To Mental Health 

Some college students may face challenges that cause them to struggle in academia, social settings, and keep them from achieving their goals. These barriers are common for college students and working adults alike.
Counseling can equip your student to overcome:


Most of us experience some kind of anxiety every now and then, but anxiety can grow deeper and interfere with our daily lives. Anxiety can inhibit our peace, focus, productivity, and so much more. Counseling can help your student learn how to recognize and work through their anxiety. 


There are different kinds of depressive disorders, and symptoms may vary from person to person. Depression can cause a prolonged low mood, changes in interest or appetite, fatigue, and/or suicidal ideation or acts of suicide. Counseling can help your student recognize their triggers and overcome depression.

Career Uncertainty

If your student is second guessing their choice in their major or field of study, chances are that uncertainty is a looming feeling in their daily lives. Speaking with a professional about career goals and direction can help your student see where they excel and get on the right path.

Stress & Overwhelm

Rigorous courses and syllabi, heavy homework loads, long hours in the library, studio, or on the athletic field can be emotionally straining. Counseling can help your student learn how to handle these stressors in a healthy way.