Tawanna Scruggs-Cottrell

Master’s Level Coach

A Quick Overview

Degree/s and Accreditation/s


I can help you work through depression, trauma, marriage and relationships,.


• In-Person (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

• Online (Indiana)


I do not currently accept insurance; however, please check with your insurance provider to see if there would be any out-of-network reimbursement available to you for any of our therapy sessions. Crosswinds also accepts debit, credit, or HSA/FSA cards as forms of payment. The rate per therapy session ranges from $120-$130/hour with a Licensed Therapist.

More About Me

I am a Master’s Level Intern Coach, attending Grand Canyon University. I can work with adults and children who are facing depression, trauma,  and marital issues. I am here to support and help you reach your goals. 

Our team of counselors and coaches has helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

I can help you too.