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Every Family Has Disagreements, Counseling Can Help.

Every family has its share of disagreements. In the heat of the moment, unkind words can be exchanged, communication can be strained, and you might find yourself struggling to move on. For some, these disagreements have become constant and it seems easier to simply stop speaking to one another. If this is you, or you simply want to find new ways to connect with your children, parents, siblings or other relatives, we’re here to help.

Our provider was a great counselor and very compassionate. She didn’t push or force anything too soon. She helped our family with the circumstances we needed to work through. We have found a wonderful place to come back to if we need it. Thank you!

Our experience with Crosswinds has been a fantastic one. The difference I’ve seen in my teenage daughter since pairing up with her counselor has been amazing. I couldn’t be more thankful for your program and staff. I feel like I have gotten my daughter back.

My provider was warm, trustworthy, non-judgmental, and approachable.

Support For Families

Navigating Your Relationships

For issues that your family hasn’t been able to resolve on your own, Family Counseling is a wonderful next step. We’ll work with you to set goals and learn skills to support each other through anything.

Family Counseling For Every Need

Adoption Counseling

Family Counseling Available

Crosswinds works with families to address some of the most common issues in adoption, including how the child connects with the family and integrates into the family dynamics, particularly if there are also biological children in the family.

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Family Coaching

Family Coaching Available

If you find yourself wishing you knew how to deepen connections within your family, could use motivation to make a few changes within the home, or are blending two families together, Family Coaching is a great opportunity to address your needs.

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Parenting Counseling

Family Counseling And Coaching

If you are a parent that is struggling with a troubled teen, know that you are not alone. There are millions of other parents fighting similar battles for and with their teens. Crosswinds can help!

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Our counselors have helped thousands of families build deeper connections and overcome obstacles.

We can help you too.