Life Coach

Crosswinds life coaching provides clients the tools needed to go from good to great. Coaches can work with individuals, couples, and families, and sessions can be conducted in-office, in your home, or online. Clients who are a good fit for coaching services include those who are relatively well-adjusted, functional, motivated, and willing to progress toward a desired goal. The coach works with the client to maximize potential by making progress in a specific area identified by the client. They work together to create a vision, identify action steps and barriers, build on skills and strengths, create accountability, and ultimately get closer to or reach the client’s desired goal.

Counseling vs. Coaching

At Crosswinds, you can choose from either counseling or coaching. What’s the difference between the two? Counselors usually help their clients look backward, into the past, and heal from past traumas or hurts in order to help improve the future. Coaches, on the other hand, generally help people to look ahead and move forward intentionally. Coaches usually assist clients in achieving their own personal goals, such as increasing personal skills, enhancing relationships, or developing a career.

When to Seek Help

We all go through hardships in life, and most seasons have their ups and downs. There are times we may need some extra help to overcome a specific issue or conflict. Let’s take a look at some common struggles that show it’s time to pursue counseling.

Crosswinds Counseling is Here To Help You