Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) Hope Fund

Serving Troubled Teens and their Families

What is CMA?

Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) is Crosswinds’ faith-based therapeutic boarding school for struggling teens located in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

CMA offers a unique opportunity for students to focus on their healing process and to get a fresh start in life. CMA is about more than just getting teens “out of trouble.” Our CMA staff is dedicated to helping students find true healing and set them up for a renewed life through counseling, education, and support. Families back home remain involved with their child’s journey, which often leads to mended family relationships.

Everyone deserves help when they need it

CMA Hope Fund contributions are used directly toward reducing tuition costs for students to attend CMA, and to extend the stay of students whose families are struggling financially with the amount of time needed for their child to reach their full potential. Generosity from people like you helps CMA continue to work with youth who need help, without financial stress getting in the way of hope and healing.

Truly a life-changing experience. The hard work of all the staff to put in real one on one personal thoughts and ideas was fantastic. I always knew that there was a side to me that was better than just another “messed up teen.” Although the journey was long and filled with many challenges, I am so happy with the young man I am becoming. There is not a day that goes by where I do not think of all my former peers and staff [at Caribbean Mountain Academy]. There is no greater excitement than discovering God and His work in my life. There is no greater sense of pride than what I feel now as I look back on my past. I went from looking at my past as a kid who got expelled from military school for drug use, to a man who has now graduated high school a year early, is making remarkable accomplishments, and has discovered God, family, and life. For this, I have no words. Simply said, thank you Crosswinds.

Graduated CMA Student

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Thousands of teens and families have restored relationships and renewed hope through the CMA program.