Empowering and Supporting Teachers is now easier

A Better EAP alternative that offers flexible, easy-to-access mental health benefits for your faculty and staff

The right choice for your school

the smart choice for you

Only Pay for what you use

We have created an affordable solution to provide mental health benefits for your staff. Plus, we provide five counseling sessions free to your staff and their family members, instead of three like other EAP’s.

Easy access to professional providers

When your staff calls to make an appointment, they will connect with a friendly Crosswinds Scheduling Representative to schedule an appointment. No long referral list or confusing instructions. 

Also, you can be confident that your staff’s struggles are being cared for by a professional, caring counselor.

A trusted Partner

We treat each Corporate Counseling partner and their teams as a valued partner, building relationships to better meet their needs. No school is too big or too small for us. 

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Improve Retention

It can be hard to find long-term employees. Counseling helps pave the way to more positive methods of handling daily stressors and triggers, which results in better performance and a greater sense of self-confidence. Having more self-confidence and positive tools on one’s belt will inevitably lead to better performance at work, resulting in a greater sense of pride and loyalty to one’s work.

A More Productive and Positive Workplace

It’s easy to bring homelife worries to work. Counseling can help your faculty and staff relieve that worry and stress in a positive way, allowing them to focus and perform better at work. Happier and healthier teachers make for a happier and healthier learning environment.

Ongoing Tools for success

We offer more than just five counseling sessions. We also provide continual support through seminars, webinars, group counseling, and distribute an exclusive monthly newsletter with advice directly from a professional counselor that you can share with your team!

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We will meet with you to find to best solution for your school’s needs.


Our program is simple, easy, and rewarding to use, and our team will help every step of the way.

See Your Business Thrive

Your teachers and staff can flourish with the mental health support they deserve.

The Crosswinds Difference

Businesses and schools of all sizes trust Crosswinds Counseling to care for their employees’ mental health and increase retention at every level of their organizations.

Our counselors have helped thousands of people gain confidence and overcome difficulty.

We can help you too.