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7 Creative Ways To Pay For Therapeutic Boarding School

Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) works hard to keep tuition costs low for our therapeutic boarding school in order to allow more families access to the help their teen needs.

CMA has been able to maintain a lower tuition rate by offering this program in the Dominican Republic where the cost of living is less than the United States. Also, generous gifts from individual donors and churches allow program rates to remain low.

What is a behavior modification program for teens

What Is A Behavior Modification Program For Teens?

There are many ways to help troubled teens or teens who are struggling regain control over their behavior and their lives. Some are more effective than others. Anyone who has worked with teenagers knows that approaches such as punishing them or placing them in a boot camp-type environment do little to promote positive, long-term changes.

Boarding School Students Hike Pico Duarte

Caribbean Mountain Academy | Pico Hiking Trip 2021

Every year Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) takes students on a hiking trip up Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s highest mountain. Like the mountainous terrain, students experience ups and downs along the way, There are frustrations, aches, and frigid nights, but there is also conversations, growth, and deepened relationships.

Resources For Parents Of Struggling Teens

It’s challenging to know how to parent difficult teens. If you’re wondering, “how do I successfully raise a teenager?”, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are many resources available for you and your family.

Benefits Of Boarding Schools For Teens

How Boarding School Benefits A Troubled Teen

Does your son or daughter struggle behaviorally or emotionally? Does he or she struggle to focus on tasks in school, or follow even basic instructions at times? Are they disruptive to the home, depressed, or anxious? Your family might benefit from seeking help from a Christian therapeutic boarding school like Caribbean Mountain Academy.