How will my teenager be affected by my divorce?

How Will My Divorce Affect My Teen

While adolescents are certainly impacted uniquely by stressful or traumatic events that occur in life, there are some symptoms that may be rather characteristic to the majority of kids experiencing a difficult life event such as a divorce that is not amicable. Some of these symptoms may include withdrawing socially, keeping secrets from parents, lying to friends or family about the extent of volatility in the home, decreasing academic performance in school, verbal or physical aggression, misbehavior in school, depression, and in serious cases, sometimes self-harming behaviors and even thoughts of suicide.

These symptoms can be seen in varying degrees in kids experiencing a tumultuous divorce within the home as many kids tend to blame themselves for what is occurring between their parents. In the same way, kids have a desire for their parents to love one another and they want to see their parents at peace with each other. Some kids may begin to attempt to intervene in small ways to attempt to alleviate the stress and tension and convince their parents to give it another try. While kids don’t experience the same symptoms in all scenarios, we can be sure that all kids, of all ages, will be affected by a divorce as they grieve the loss of their intact family unit.

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