Grief from Suicide: How Your Family Can Move Forward

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Written by: Shannon Brady-McElroy, SYMBIS Specialist/Therapist, M.S., M.H.C. When someone dies by suicide, family and friends are prone to feeling significant bewilderment about the death. They ask questions like, “Why did this happen?” “How did I not see this coming?” The following feelings are normal when dealing with grief from suicide: Overwhelming guilt about what they […]

Understanding Complex Emotions of Adopted Children

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By Sarah Lohman, LISW-S (Crosswinds’ Ohio Clinical Social Worker) The emotions many children go through related to their adoption are as complicated and varied as children themselves. Adopted children generally lead lives that are no different from other children; however, they often face experiences that are unique to being adopted, which can impact their emotions […]

The Benefits of Family Therapy For Depression

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By: Shanna Keller, Psychologist Trainee Battling depression can be a very lonely experience for many people. Low energy, insomnia, and depressed mood often compel a person to stay home, stay in bed, and stay away from others. Unfortunately, this fuels even more negative symptoms of depression, such as isolation, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, and […]

Five Reasons Forgiveness Matters

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By: Tim Gilleand, M.A. When we are hurt, upset, or angry we sometimes feel as though we have three options for dealing with these emotions. The first is revenge, “they hurt me; I’ll hurt them back.” The problem with revenge is it throws us into a never-ending cycle of hurt. The second option is probably […]

How to Handle Grief for You and Your Children after a Spouse Passes

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Losing a loved one is an awful life event for anyone, no matter your age. When family’s experience grief together, each family member can struggle with balancing their own grief process while working to support one another. It is important to understand the definition of grief and the grief process in order to find the delicate balance between personal grief and support grief.  […]

How to Successfully Blend Your Family

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By Michelle K. Forgey, LMHC, LPC, RPT, MA The word “family” is a powerful one. No two families are alike; each carries its own unique composition, traditions, memories, rules, and personality. Maybe you are getting married and one or both of you have children from a previous relationship. Or perhaps your family is adopting another […]

Encouragement for Parents of Teens in Crisis

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When you are a parent with a teenager in crisis, it is common to ask where it all went wrong. Often, feelings of guilt and regret can paralyze you from taking action. Teens can sense these feelings of guilt and often use them as a weapon against you by blaming you for everything. A teen’s […]

How to Recognize if your Spouse has Anger Issues

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By Blake Neuhauser M.A. Crosswinds Therapist Effects of Anger Anger can be a tricky emotion that causes people to act out of their typical character. Anger can affect a person’s job, friendships, and marriage. When a spouse has anger issues in a marriage, it can often be taken out on the other spouse, leaving them […]

7 Reasons Self-Care Should Be in Your Year

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By Tim Gilleand, MA, Crosswinds Therapist What is self-care? Toffler Niemuth of Pick The Brain defines it this way: “Self-care is developing the awareness of, and then honoring the rituals and practices that ensure you’re looking after, your total well-being every single day. It includes habits that make you healthier, happier, and help you to feel […]

Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced a Traumatic Event

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By: Aubrey Garner, MA, LMHCA Crosswinds Therapist I have never known anyone who has not been touched by a traumatic event at least once in their life before passing away. Most people will experience at least one traumatic experience throughout their lifetime; studies show nearly 64% of adults report having one or more traumatic life […]

HELP! I Think My Child is a Bully. What Can I Do to Stop It?


By: Michelle K. Forgey, LMHC, LPC, RPT, MA Crosswinds Therapist Bully? Not My Child When you first hold your child in your arms, you think to yourself, “This is the most beautiful child I have ever seen. How am I going to keep you alive?” Shortly after, you may begin to think of all of […]

Adoption and Reactive Attachment Disorder: Everything You Need to Know

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By: Michelle K. Forgey, LMHC, LPC, RPT, MA Crosswinds Therapist Adoption ~ Transition Maybe you are considering adopting a child into your family and have some reservations or maybe you have already adopted a child into your family and have some concerns. Regardless of the reason for reading this blog, there is only one place […]