Kicking The Stigma w/ Ashley Powell, Director of Community Relations for the Indianapolis Colts

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This episode is part of a TV Series called Restoring Hope with Crosswinds Counseling. Restoring Hope With Crosswinds Counseling can be viewed in the Indianapolis Area on WHMB40 Thursday nights @ 9:30 pm.

In this week’s episode of Crosswinds Conversations, Ashley Powell Director Of Community Relations for the Indianapolis Colts comes on to the show to talk about Kicking The Stigma initiative. Kicking The Stigma is initiative to bring awareness to mental health and mental illness concerns. The goal of Kick The Stigma is to use the brand of the Indianapolis Colts to amplify the message and need to address mental health concerns. Many of the players have come forward to share their stories and to say that it’s ok to not be ok.

In this interview, Ashley talks about the heart the Irsay family (owners of the Indianapolis Colts) has for philanthropy. The Irsay family lives in the area and has many initiatives to support the community including hospital visits, school visits, and building their 13th playground this past fall.

When asked which mental health concern she would most like to impact, Ashley speaks of her heartbreak for youth suicide. The statistics are staggering, particularly in Indiana. She says, “Our youth in our community have so much life to live.”

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