How To Avoid & Cope With BURNOUT

Tips For Avoiding Burnout

Most of us are familiar with the concept of burnout or feeling exhausted due
to prolonged work and stress. Burnout actually has 3 components which can
affect our emotions, cause us to feel detached from life, and decrease our
sense of accomplishment. If you are feeling any of these, check out these tips
for avoiding burnout and what to do when you are already feeling burnt out.

Avoiding Burnout

Everyone encounters stress each day. Sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s small.
But the key to avoiding burnout is to make sure we work through our stress
and emotions each day.

Practice the following 3 things to help avoid
the feeling of burnout:

  • Problem-Solving: Work through some exercises that require problem-
    solving skills to help build a sense of accomplishment
  • Set Boundaries: Practice “letting go” of work at the end of the day
  • Utilize Time Off: Be sure to use your time off appropriately and practice
    self-care regularly

Crosswinds Tip: Often, burnout is driven by fear of failure, which causes us
to overcompensate. Ask yourself “Why am I afraid of failing?”

Coping with Burnout

Burnout affects not only our minds but our bodies as well. Stress can affect our
digestive system, immune system, and more. It can also affect our emotions,
causing us to feel irritable, frustrated, anxious, and disconnected from others.
Don’t let burnout affect your personal life.

Use these tools to cope with the
feeling of burnout and start feeling like yourself again:

  • Physical Activity: 20-60 minutes of exercise each day can help relieve stress
    and overcome burnout
  • Deep Breaths: Taking deep, rapid breaths can help overcome the feeling of burnout and help you reconnect with yourself
  • Communicate Your Concerns: if stress and burnout are starting to
    affect your job, communicate your concerns with your supervisor, or see
    a mental health professional who can help you work through what you’re

Crosswinds Tip: The “Wim Hof Method” of breathing is a great technique for
reducing stress and overcoming burnout. Look this method up online, or visit and practice this technique when you are feeling
overwhelmed and stressed.