How can counseling help you reach your goals in 2021?

As we kick off the 2021 year, it’s important that we set realistic goals for ourselves. But how do we hold ourselves accountable for reaching our goals? Measuring our own personal growth can be challenging, and even feel lonely at times. Meeting with a counselor can offer a sense of accountability to grow and change.

When you meet with a counselor, you have someone to help you:

  • Process your goals, how you’re going to get there, and identify any obstacles that may stand in the way.
  • Clarify the “why” behind goals, ensuring your thought processes and emotions are authentic and not hindering your ability to grow.
  • Achieve self-understanding and define success, developing ways to celebrate the wins throughout your journey.

Am I setting the right goals?

While there isn’t a precise definition of a “right” or “wrong” goal, counseling can help clarify the “why” behind goals. Since everyone has different life experiences, the process in which we all set and achieve goals will be different too. As we engage in counseling, we work to understand our own thoughts and emotions, identifying potential errors that may be impeding our attitude towards goals and our ability to grow.

How do I measure success?

Setting goals for ourselves can be challenging, so it’s important not to get discouraged along the way. Before you can define success for yourself, it’s important to achieve self-understanding. If you don’t understand your triggers, feelings, and behaviors, it becomes increasingly challenging to change and grow. Through counseling, we gain an opportunity to self-reflect and understand ourselves better. As we become aware, we are more likely to face the necessary changes in life.

Overall, success looks different for everyone. Some goals can be achieved quickly, others take time. No matter how big or small your goal may be, counseling can help you determine small, daily steps you can take that are already linked routines in your day. With a counselor, you can measure progress and success by developing ways to celebrate the little wins throughout your journey.


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