Benefits Of Boarding Schools For Teens

Does your son or daughter struggle behaviorally or emotionally? Does he or she struggle to focus on tasks in school, or follow even basic instructions at times? Are they disruptive to the home, depressed, or anxious? Your family might benefit from seeking help from a Christian therapeutic boarding school like Caribbean Mountain Academy.


Caribbean Mountain Academy has counselors and staff who are specifically trained in best practices and approaches for working with teens with a wide range of behavioral problems and mental health diagnoses.

  • The most common diagnoses are ODD, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

Staff use a philosophy of care for working with teens in crisis that backed by leading research and academia.


Aside from these very specific types of trainings, therapeutic boarding schools also provide an additional benefit of offering counseling to your teen.

  • In a therapeutic boarding school setting, the counselors get a more complete picture of the day-to-day struggles of the teen.
  • Additionally, when the counselor, parents, and teen agree on targets to work on in relationships or interpersonal skills, the house staff are there to provide objective teaching and input to help the learning process and be a third party opinion into these struggles.
  • There is almost always counseling as a family unit. This provides opportunity for both the teen and the parents to communicate concerns and struggles to a counselor who helps move towards healthy relationship.
  • There may even be additional opportunities to receive couples or marriage counseling to help restore unity and relationship between the spouses, who have been put under extra strain due to the stress in the home.


Educationally, therapeutic programs are often better equipped to handle the specific needs of children with specific behavioral diagnosis.

  • Therapeutic programs can provide highly structured support for students while also being flexible enough to take into account learning disabilities and developmental struggles that require additional time, resources, and/or attention.
  • Educators within therapeutic boarding schools are very good at identifying when to push and challenge, and when to pivot and adjust expectations to match specific therapeutic needs.


One final benefit to a therapeutic boarding school option is the space and time needed for other members of the family to heal from potential damage done within the family.

  • Parents receive the counseling they need to equip them for working again with their teen upon their return home.
  • Other family members, such as siblings who may be stuck in the cross hairs of conflict, get a chance to recuperate.

While the decision to send your teen to a boarding school can be scary, and full of mixed emotion, it also may be the most loving decision a parent can make for their teen, other siblings, and the family as a whole.

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