Fall Into Good Habits This Season

Fall Into Good Habits This Season

With the busyness of life, schedules to maintain, and the many responsibilities that fall on us, it’s easy to feel out of balance and let our mental health suffer. Whether you are overwhelmed with life, feeling exhausted from stress, or just feel like something is off, practicing healthy habits can help you feel more balanced and back on track to the life you deserve. Here are a few healthy habits to fall into this autumn: 

List – and live – your priorities

It’s easy to say what we value in life. Making a list of the things we find peace in is just one step. Trying making a list of your priorities, then build a plan around how you can meet those priorities. Focus on what’s important to you, whether it’s relationships, education, work, spirituality, entertainment, or something else. 

Crosswinds tip: Try filling a calendar with ways you can live out your priorities. Start with the most important and plan out ways you can achieve your goals each week. 

Write a gratitude list

We often take things for granted, focusing only on the things that cause us stress in life. Take some time to focus on the positive things in life and create a list of things you are thankful for. 

Crosswinds tip: Try listing 3 things you are thankful for each day for 30 days. This will help build a more positive attitude, and you will become more intentional about slowing your life down to notice the little things. 

Focus on your physical and mental health

Taking care of our minds and bodies has been proven to help our mental health. Try doing some of these things regularly to help keep you moving in a healthy direction: 

  • Exercise: Exercise reduces stress, increases energy, and can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Be creative: Write, draw, sing, go somewhere new, listen to music, enjoy nature.
  • Watch what you eat: A healthy diet can help improve both physical and mental health.
  • Talk to someone about your stress: Building healthy relationships and having a safe space to talk about our struggles has great value. Try finding someone you can have a safe discussion with, such as a Crosswinds counselor. 

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