Everyday Habits for Maintaining Mental Health


By: T Martin Graverson, MA Therapist

10 Steps for Maintaining Mental Health

With the business of life, the schedules to maintain, and the many responsibilities that fall on us, it is easy for our lives to feel out of balance and for our mental health to seem anything but healthy. It is quite normal to feel like our lives are out of balance from time to time, where nothing seems to go right, we are overwhelmed with life, or we are just mentally exhausted from stress. Sometimes we just need a reminder, or a little nudge to get us back on track and balanced, so here are a few suggestions to get you on the right path and keep you moving in a healthy direction.

List your priorities and live it out

It is easy to say what you value in life, but try filling in a calendar with ways that you can live out your priorities. Start with your top priority and then plan your other priorities around each other in descending order. Think about what’s most important to you, i.e. spirituality, relationships, work, entertainment, etc. and then plan around it.


It reduces stress, gives you energy, fights depression and anxiety, and lifts your mood, to name a few.

Write a Gratitude List

Sometimes we take the small things for granted, so take some time to create a list of things that you are thankful for. Start with 3 things a day for the next 30 days. It helps you have a more positive attitude and you become more intentional with slowing your life down to notice the little things in life.

Be Creative

(Don’t worry about the outcome) Write, draw, sing, go somewhere new, listen to new music, play music, enjoy nature (without your phone).

Stay within your Budget

Don’t create more stress!

Tell Somebody about your stress

There is value in healthy relationships, so be transparent with someone you can trust.

Watch what you Eat & Drink

A healthy diet is not only a positive for you physically, but also for your mental health.

Keep a Journal

Write down your thoughts and feelings.

Stay in the Moment

Take a minute just to pay attention to yourself, focus on your breathing, try some mindfulness.

Do Something for Someone Else (And don’t tell anyone about it)

Generosity goes a long way. Try paying it forward, with no strings attached.

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