Counseling Types: In-Home vs In-Office vs Online Counseling

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Crosswinds offers a variety of ways to receive counseling, whether it’s in-home, in-office, or online. Each mode of counseling is designed to help give you the help you need when you need it. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits for each form of counseling. 

In-Home Therapy 

In-home therapy can be beneficial to anyone, but is especially beneficial for those who struggle with something in their own home. For example, those who struggle with parenting behaviors, eating disorders, disability, hoarding, or agoraphobia will benefit by inviting their counselor to enter into the environment where they’re struggling in.  

Parents can also benefit from not needing to drive the whole family to an office, and can instead have the counselor come to them. In-home therapy also allows for more privacy than at the office, where you may be seen in the waiting room by other clients. 

 In-Office Therapy 

In-office therapy is the standard way to receive counseling. This appeals to the broadest spectrum of people and is the main way our clients receive counseling.  

Both in-office therapy and in-home therapy is an especially good fit for those who would benefit from in person and face-to-face interactions. For example, those with more severe struggles, or who are a risk to themselves and others, are much better off being seen in-person. This includes struggles such as: 

  • Frequent panic attacks 
  • Chronically suicidal thoughts and actions 
  • Homicidal tendencies 
  • Frequent self harm 
  • Psychotic tendencies 
  • People who struggle to leave the house 
  • People who have experienced intense trauma 

Whether or not you struggle in these areas, there’s something that feels so right about walking into a counseling office.  It’s at a specific place set aside to help you fight for breakthrough. You can walk in with purpose knowing you carved out the time to be there. It’s no wonder that in-office therapy is our most popular option. 

We offer in-office therapy across the state of Indiana. For more information about our office locations, click here.

Online and Text Counseling 

One benefit to online and text counseling is that you don’t have to live near one of our counseling centers to receive counseling. You can receive counseling without a commute to the office, and you can even travel and receive counseling while you’re away. Instead you’ll receive counseling through an app on their phone or laptop.  

Online counselors make sure that your needs are met, and if you would benefit more from face-to-face interaction, they will keep your best interests in mind. Online counseling has been shown to be effective in many areas, including helping with anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, and increasing self-esteem. 

Clients can choose either video calls, texting, or a combination of both. Video calls are beneficial because they include a face-to-face element and are more personal, whereas texting has been beneficial to many of our clients who struggle to find an hour or more to set aside for counseling.  

With text counseling, your therapist will respond to their messages at two different times during the day for 5 days a week. One benefit of this mode of counseling is that it allows for behavior modification in the moment, rather than having to wait for a week or two for your next session. Because of the lack of face-to-face interactions, this mode of counseling can tend to bring about results a little slower than other forms of counseling, depending on the your needs and struggles. 

In-Home Therapy vs In-Office Therapy vs Online Counseling 

If you have a need to start counseling as soon as possible, each of these forms of counseling are able to get you into a counseling session within 24 to 48 hours after applying if needed. 

If your main struggle is with something in your house, in-home counseling may be the right fit for you. If you want a more flexible form of counseling that fits well into your schedule, try looking into online counseling. If you enjoy in-person interactions, and having a specific space set aside for addressing your struggles, in-office counseling may be the best fit for you. Finally, if you’re still not sure what form of counseling is the best fit for you, try taking this quiz. 

If you want more information on how these forms of therapy can benefit you, call us at 877-594-9204 or text (260) 238-8939. We look forward to hearing from you.

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