Coping With Grief With Laura Bruce, MA, LMFT

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My name is Laura Bruce and I’m a licensed therapist here at Crosswinds Counseling. Today I just wanted to talk a little bit about grief, and why it can be important to meet with a therapist regarding grief.

Some Struggling With Grief Need To Be Led Through It

And the first thing I thought of was that a lot of people in grief need to be led by someone in that because a lot of us spend a lot of emotional energy avoiding pain. And so a part of the process of meeting with a therapist can just be the accountability to process our pain in healthy ways and to be with someone safe that can hold whatever we bring to the table with our grief. A lot of times with grief, things can kind of get stuck, even within our physical bodies. Grief can kind of manifest itself, and so helping clients process grief in healthy ways – that helps clients be able to express that – can be a real benefit from counseling. 

Be Intentional With Grief

Another thing [is] just the intentionality of grief. Helping clients know how to notice their grief, and to again express it in healthy ways. I think a lot of people don’t know how to set apart time to grieve and don’t recognize that that is actually an important part of the grief process – that we’re making space for it. A therapist can help teach the skills and abilities that help clients be able to do that on their own. 

Naming The Emotions That Come With Grief

A therapist can help clients be able to name their emotions and better understand their experience with grief. 

Understand The Stages Of Grief

And then the fourth thing would be to understand the stages of grief so that clients know that their experiences are normal and [emotions] can be from anything from denial to anger to sadness, and just know that all of that is a normal process. I think a therapist can just help validate those stages for someone experiencing a variety of different emotions that come up with that [grief]. 

Different Kinds Of Grief

So I was just thinking about grief as – even adjustment can be grief, whether that be a job change or our kids going back to school. We don’t have to minimize that. [Grief] can also be loss and change and is important to identify and process with someone.

So if you feel like a therapist could be beneficial in walking through some of the loss that you might be experiencing on any level we would love to help you with that.

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