Give the Gift of Service this Christmas

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How many of us this Christmas will go shopping for typical gifts such as toys, clothes, and jewelry? These novelties are fun and exciting, but also fleeting and temporary. It sometimes seems that the most celebrated thing at Christmas time is materialism, which is the exact opposite of what our Lord and scripture teaches us. […]

How to Successfully Blend Your Family

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By Michelle K. Forgey, LMHC, LPC, RPT, MA The word “family” is a powerful one. No two families are alike; each carries its own unique composition, traditions, memories, rules, and personality. Maybe you are getting married and one or both of you have children from a previous relationship. Or perhaps your family is adopting another […]

4 Signs That Your Relationship May Benefit from Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling and Relationship Therapy Services

By: Tim Gilleand, M.A. Marriage counseling can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Most often, couples consider marriage counseling when their relationship feels more often like a burden than a blessing. If you are wondering whether marriage counseling should be in your future, here are a few common signs. Dr. John Gottman, a psychologist and […]

How to Recognize if your Spouse has Anger Issues

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By Blake Neuhauser M.A. Crosswinds Therapist Effects of Anger Anger can be a tricky emotion that causes people to act out of their typical character. Anger can affect a person’s job, friendships, and marriage. When a spouse has anger issues in a marriage, it can often be taken out on the other spouse, leaving them […]

I Want to Go Back To Work, But My Husband Wants Me to Stay Home

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By Suzanne Poe, Family Consultant Such a dilemma has become more prevalent as women value both the nurturing of their children and fulfilling their own needs for self-expression. It is also a dilemma likely to elicit very strong feelings from both sides of the argument. In close relationships and marriages, this is often the case. […]

Bad Advice Engaged Couples Get Before Marriage

Marriage Advice for Engaged Couples | Crosswinds

By, Aubrey Garner, MA, Therapist – LMHCA Is the First Year Really the Hardest? I have been blessed enough to have married my high school sweetheart. We dated throughout high school, were engaged by college, and married between summers in undergrad. Throughout our two-year engagement, we heard all sorts of advice and “wisdom” from those […]

10 Things You Will Learn About Your Partner in Couples Counseling

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Guest Blogger, T Martin Graverson, MA Therapist Common Things Learned in Couples Counseling I remember one of the first couples that I sat with as a therapist telling me that they thought that their marriage was over, but they would be willing to try couples counseling. As a new therapist, just getting my feet wet, […]

What can we expect at our first marriage counseling session?

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By: Shannon M. Brady, M.S. Therapist Meeting the Marriage Counseling Therapist Whether a therapist is going to a home or seeing a client at their office, there are similar things that will occur in the first marriage counseling session.  When a therapist is meeting clients for the first time, they should introduce themselves and give […]