How can I tell if my child or teenager is depressed?

How Can I Tell If My Teen/Child Is Depressed?

Signs of depression in teenagers and young children

Signs of adolescent depression can vary from child to child; however, we typically see some of the following symptoms:

  • Withdrawal socially
  • Isolation
  • Excessive sleeping (often awake all night, asleep all day)
  • Increase in aggressive behavior
  • Excessive crying
  • Extended flat affect over a period of time
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Negative self-concept
  • Reduction in academic performance


Signs in young children are often a bit more subtle as their resilient nature often keeps them pursuing their routine activities like playing on the playground with other kids and getting up for school at the same time every morning. Despite these routine consistencies, in young children experiencing depression, we often see some of the following:

  • Increase in outbursts
  • Reduction in ability to cope
  • Increased strong emotions (crying, yelling, etc.), often prolonged
  • Increase in aggressive behavior (hitting, screaming, taking things from other kids)
  • New “clingy” behavior
  • Sleep disturbances without cause


While many of these signs and symptoms may occur at some point or another with most children, despite their ages, depression tends to come with a surprising increase in these symptoms, without other explanation, and with an identifiable onset of behavioral change.

If you think your child may be struggling with depression, contact us today. We can help diagnose your child and work with your family to develop a plan.

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