Anxiety Isn’t Always Bad

Anxiety Isn't Always Bad
When you hear the word “anxiety,” what do you think of? Excessive worry? Sweating, tightness in your chest, heart racing? With descriptors like these, it’s no surprise that most people associate anxiety with being a solely negative word. The truth is, though, anxiety isn’t always bad.

Anxiety is actually our body’s natural way of protecting us. For example, you know those feelings that wash over you when walking to your car in a dark, empty parking garage? That’s anxiety trying to protect you. It is what makes us alert in potentially dangerous situations. Our bodies experience a rush of adrenaline when we feel nervous or uncomfortable, to help prepare us to either take action or seek safety. Without anxiety, we would be walking through life unaware of potential threats.

However, situational anxiety is very different than experiencing intense levels of anxiety over extended periods of time, which is known as an anxiety disorder. If you’re prone to intense panic attacks, or have feelings of worry or fear that interfere with your daily activities, connecting with a mental health specialist is an important step in healing from your triggers. A therapist or counselor will partner with you to find a treatment plan that’s right for you.

The next time you have a sudden rush of anxiety, try to remember that it’s likely just a normal, physiological reaction to your environment. This healthy thought pattern can help you stop worrying about worry! But if you continue to think it’s too much, take the next step and contact Crosswinds today to enroll with one of our therapists.

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